Wear Resistant Rubber

Wear Resistant Rubber

Domestic unique rubber sheet used in wet condition.Wear – resistant Rubber Sheet adopts the technology (Liquid phase nanometer compounding-normal temperature high frequency curing) by Xinhai independently developed

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Wear Resistant Rubber

Metal Detector is suitable for food Processing, plastics recycling, crushing (coal / fossil power plant / mining/cement/mining/mineral Processing), glass ceramics, chemical, rubber production, paper, tobacco, wood and paper material Processing industry

Wear Resistant Rubber

I Softkill of Xinhai Wear-Resistant Rubber

  • Xinhai wear-resistant rubber has a large amount of polymer long chains. It has such characters as strong tensile resistance and high resilience, which effectively improves the performance of wear and corrosion resistance. Compared with ordinary rubbers, Xinhai rubber reduces the microstructure damage to the lowest, and maintains the natural features of solid, good elasticity and wear-resistance.
  • Xinhai Wear – resistant rubber with high elasticity is different from the hard materials such as cast stone, compounding ceramics, alloy, iron, etc. It can effectively absorb and repulse the impact and friction force, which takes the loss to a minimum, the noise to the lowest, showing the characteristics of softkill.
  • II Resistance to wear and corrosion:The wear resistance index of Xinhai Wear – resistant Rubber sheet reaches 128%. 1 mm wear experiment shows that Xinhai Wear – resistant Rubber which takes 100 hours to wear 1 mm wins out over the other kinds of rubber which takes 13.8 hour and 24 hour respectively to wear 1 mm.
  • III The service life is longer than other rubber by 2-4 times:Because of the excellent performance of Xinhai rubber (Tensile strength, wear and corrosion resistance), its service life is longer than other rubber by 2-4 times
  • IV Flexible and convenient cutting, wide application:Low cost
  • Convenient operation and maintenance.
  • Long service life.

Creative technology reserves the molecular chain of natural rubber. The content of natural rubber reaches 97%; uniform rubber vulcanization, strong comprehensive performance.

Tests show that Xinhai Wear - Resistant Rubber sheet owns excellent performance :

  • Wear resistance index 128%.
  • Resilience 80%.
  • Tensile strength 23.5MP.
  • Tearing strength 168N/mm.