Cu Pb Zn Dressing Process

Cu Pb Zn Dressing Process

Adopting mixed flotation-concentrate regrinding Process can reduce the grinding cost, and be easy to manage. Application of new non-toxic flotation reagents is efficient and environmental protection.

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Solution Advantages

Adopting mixed flotation-concentrate regrinding Process can reduce the grinding cost and be easy to manage. Appliion of new non-toxic flotation reagents is efficient and environmental protection.

Solution Application

Mixed flotation-concentrate regrinding Process is applied for Cu-Pb-Zn sulfide ore.

Solution Advantages

Creative Process low operation cost.

Cu-Pb mixed concentrate regrinding Process saves the grinding cost without fine grinding all the ores are and it makes further monomer dissociation to create favorable conditions for the separation of copper and lead.

Solution Cases

A lead-zinc dressing plant in Yunnan due to the mining depth increasing ore properties had changed and the grade of lead and zinc concentrate decreased so the original flotation is not suitable. After field investigation and analysis Xinhai determined the Process according to multi tests mixed flotation preferential flotation of copper lead concentrate regrinding and re-floating of copper lead concentrate and equipped with the Xinhai equipment. es comparison as follow

A copper-lead dressing plant in Xinjiang the ore with the close symbiosis and fine particle distribution the Process the plant adopted leaded to the poor concentrate grade. So Xinhai was authorized to reform the technology.After analysis of crude properties Xinhai decided to adopt parts of the preferential flotation Process. Firstly selective collectors floated copper based on the original preferential flotation Process then mixed flotation and regrinding the mixed concentrate grinding fineness can reach -38 μ m78.

Xinhai technical reformation had the advantages of simple Process and low production cost the recovery of copper concentrate was 90.21 lead and zinc are qualified lead concentrate had recovery rate of 88.3. Xinhai obtained highly praise from clients.By this cooperation clients witnessed the good device performance and good after sale service from Xinhai. In recent years Xinhai has more and more cooperation with large domestic enterprises which enhances the Xinhai service level and exercise installation team. Xinhai also has finished more foreign EPC projects.

There are many cases of Xinhai Cu-Pb-Zn Dressing Process. Welcome to visit our company A copper-lead-zinc dressing plant in northwest of China Xinhai adopted parts preferential flotation based on technology advantages of preferential and mixed flotation and combined with the ore characteristics. This plant obtained good beneficiation indexes lead concentrate grade reached 66.52 the recovery rate was 88.5.

A copper-lead-zinc ore dressing plant in Sweden with the daily output of 1000t copper content of 0.58 lead content of 2.85 and zinc content 4.90 Xinhai adopted copper-lead mixed flotation. Final copper concentrate contains copper 20.25 and lead 6.75 and the lead concentrate contains lead 58.73 and copper 3.40.

A copper lead zinc ore dressing plant in Inner Mongolia the mainly components of the ore are copper lead zinc and a certain amount of magnetite. According to ore properties and a series of Processing tests Xinhai finally decided copper and lead mixed flotation separation - mixed tailings zinc flotation-flotation tailings weak magnetic separation Process so the plant also get more than 65 iron concentrate in addition to the grade high of copper lead and zinc concentrate.